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This FREE COURSE is designed for anyone who:

1) Has an unshakable feeling that they’re called to a greater path in life, but is unsure where to start.

2) Wants to reconnect to their strengths, passions, and unique gifts they have to offer the world. 

3) Insists on making life decisions that align with their core values. 

4) Wants to learn the secrets to achieving any dream, and spark powerful momentum towards their ideal future. 

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YOUR INSTRUCTOR: Patrick Kerwin, Results Coach and creator of Journey Coaching Method™.

Over the next 4 days

we will answer:


DAY 1: Who are you, really?

What unique gifts and passions do you bring to the world, and what fills your life with meaning, purpose, and joy?


Day 2: What time is it in your life?

Is it time to protect your old investments, or time to begin something new? 

Day 3: What do you dream of?

What BOLD dreams will excite you and keep you motivated for the next 5-10 years?

DAY 4: What lights your fire?

How do you stoke the fire within, and use that energy to inspire momentum towards your ideal future?

Launches Fall, 2020.

Time Investment: 2.5 hours

DISCLAIMER: This is a personal development course that has daily “homework,” and is made for people who are serious about growth. If you’re not serious about making a change in your life, then consider coming back to us when you are ready. The clarity to make big life decisions comes at the cost of true honesty and personal inquiry.

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